School Schedule

Our schools offers an extended opening hours to facilitate the parents with their working lives.

We open the whole year round, closing only on the dates indicated in the school calendar that we send at the beginning of each school year. 

We also have available a babysitting service for those families who need it evenings out of normal school hours, during the weekends and at night.

Lunch time

In our schools we believe that correct nutrition in childhood is essential to achieve physical and optimal intellectual development. Therefore, we advocate a healthy and balanced diet to be a very important factor of our pupil’s development. Doing our best in preparing the menus and the choice of raw materials.

We prepare our own menus in our kitchens using strict health and dietary requirements. We, of course, abide by the Regulatory Food Inspections (HACCP) required by The Health Department.

Monthly we send the current menu to the child’s family, as they vary each month adapting to seasonal raw materials (fruits and vegetables).

We take special care of food intolerances, allergies or any other nutritional issues that requires a special diet.

We give a special importance guiding the preferences of our pupils towards healthy and natural nourishment. We promote the child’s autonomy in the managing of cutlery, making the child’s lunchtime a rewarding and pleasant, social event.

Regarding the babies’ food: the new food will be introduced in their diet under the parents’ indication, advising them to introduce new food at home for the first time to ensure that there will not be any intolerances.

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